An opportunity to build resilience and self-confidence

Beyond the classroom

School Camps

Students at Horizon attend external excursions relevant to components of the learning curriculum. From Year 4, students experience learning outside of the classroom in the form of school camps. Camps provide children with the opportunity to experience independence. Camps pose challenges that when overcome, contribute to a child’s resilience and self confidence when facing other unfamiliar situations in the future.


From Foundation, Horizon provides students with the opportunity for private music tuition. Tuition can be arranged by contacting the office.


From Foundation, students experience learning beyond the classroom in the form of school excursions and performances. These experiences occur throughout the year and compliment the learning curriculum in the classroom. Excursions provide an opportunity for students to build on what they have learnt in the classroom and put it into practice. It provides students with the understanding that learning can happen outside of the classroom environment.

Prefects and Student Leadership Roles

Prefects are a group of Christian student leaders from Years 10 – 12. As student leaders, Prefects are encouraged in their leadership and receive training and mentoring by staff and others. Prefects make decisions about issues that are put forward to them by the student body, other organisations and councils in the school community. As a Prefect, students uphold the schools ethos and commit themselves to the role by displaying good moral behaviour, presenting themselves well and generally striving to do well in all aspects of school life.