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Our vision

Our vision is to provide “A Transforming Christian Education For All”


“Horizon Christian School’s mission is to journey faithfully with God and inspire a love of learning as we nurture partnerships in the wider communities of our schools to bring the light, hope and truth of Jesus to all”.


Our 3 school ‘Anchors’ are foundational to our decision making relationships and planning:
Journey faithfully with God
To intentionally walk with God in prayerful partnership as we offer our lives as living sacrifices in our ministry at Horizon.

Inspire a love of learning
To give our best “as working for the Lord”, to encourage students to develop a passion for learning.

Nurture partnerships in community
To foster authentic relationships within the school; between the school and our families; and with churches within our regions


  • Provide a nurturing Christian environment.
  • Provide a strong foundation for life-long learning.
  • Develop each child’s unique gifts and abilities.
  • Encourage a love for learning and achievement.
  • Encourage a joy for living.
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