Admission to the School will be subject to:
• a position being available in the relevant year and year level (see Class Size Guidelines – Appendix 1)
• consideration of any behavioural issues at previous schools, where applicable
• agreement on the level of support to be provided to the student
• a commitment to actively support the Christian ethos of the School.
There are five categories of priority for enrolment. These are:
1. A child of a Christian family where a brother or sister is already attending the School. The Enrolment Application must provide evidence of regular Church attendance.
2. A child of a family not professing the Christian faith, but where a brother or sister is already attending the School.
3. A child where either one or both parents/care-givers is/are committed Christians, and where there are no other siblings already attending the School. The Enrolment Application must provide evidence of regular Church attendance.
4. Children of Old Scholars of Horizon Christian School not professing the Christian faith, but who support the Christian ethos of the School.
5. Any other family applying for a position in the School if the Principal considers that both parents/care-givers will support the Christian ethos of the School. There shall be no exceptions of entry to the School outside of the policy and priorities set out above, except in special cases, such as children of pastors and missionaries of the Christian faith, or teachers appointed to the School. However, only the Principal will decide whether a child in this category can be admitted ahead of students already on the waiting list.


1. Parents/caregivers submit an Enrolment Enquiry to the School Enrolment Officer, including enrolment information and any necessary legal documents.
2. The School makes an assessment of the documentation.
3. The School Enrolment Officer will arrange for a School Tour to meet with the following staff; Principal, or delegate; Accounts Department; Enrolment Officer; and where appropriate the Coordinator of Student Learning and Engagement, or a delegate of the team.
4. Where the application fits the criteria for enrolment, and the student has identifiable educational needs, the School and the parents investigate the student’s educational needs prior to holding a second interview (if required). The School then draws up a proposal of how best to serve the needs of the student.
5. Prior to commencement, and in recognition of the parties to the enrolment not having an established credit history with the School, the parents must pay the Enrolment Fee, and enter into an instalment plan (FACTS Management) which will pay off fees as they are incurred.


In submission of the Enrolment Application, in relation to the enrolment of their child/ren listed, families agree to:
1. Accept the Statement of Faith of the school.
2. Support the Mission, Vision, Values and Culture of the School.
3. Support the Christian Ethos of the school.
4. Accept the Enrolment Policy and Enrolment Process.
5. Accept that devotional times are incorporated into the daily school routine and are compulsory for all students.
6. Accept that all children will be encouraged to commit their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.
7. Agree to support the School in facilitating all School policies, as amended from time to time, and to cooperate with the School concerning School activities.
8. Understand that if more than one party enters the Enrolment Contract, each party shall be individually and jointly liable for all payments of the School Fees, unless a written agreement is entered into.
9. Understand that, once accepted, these terms are binding, and this agreement may only be altered or revoked with the written approval of the School.
If false or misleading statements are made during the enrolment process, or if relevant information was not disclosed at the time of the enrolment, the Principal may suspend the student while the enrolment is renegotiated, taking all relevant information into account. The Principal may then reinstate the student, or terminate the enrolment where there is reasonable justification for doing so.


1. Services include all services performed by the School in relation to providing an education to the child, and shall include, but not be limited to, extra-curricular activities such as camps, excursions, sports carnivals, retreats and private music lessons.
2. Services will be provided by the School to the child for the period of terms as outlined by the School.
3. Parents/caregivers understand the School, in the event of the child suffering from sickness or injury, will take such action as it deems fit to obtain medical and/or hospital care and attention, including by ambulance when a parent/caregiver cannot be contacted or when required by emergency, and will indemnify the School against all costs, claims, actions and demands made against the School and its employees and agents.
4. Parents/caregivers understand the School will review the child for health conditions, and agree that in the best interests of the child and the safety of staff and students, re-entry at School will occur when the child is able to participate in school activities, and which may include the need for parents/caregivers to provide medical certification.


1. The School Fees will be set by the School Board of Governors. The Fee Schedule is published annually at the conclusion of the school year.
2. Additional fees may be charged to cover the cost of extra-curricular activities, as arranged from time to time by the School or as requested by the parent.


  1. An Enrolment Fee is payable to confirm a place for enrolment.
  2. Families are encouraged to enter into an agreement to pay fees in instalments via the FACTS Management payment plan.
  3. The parties entering the Enrolment Contract agree to pay the School, in accordance with these terms and conditions supplied via the School and available on the School website.
  4. Additional payments to cover the cost of any extra-curricular activities, as arranged from time to time by the School or as requested by the parent, are due and payable before commencement of the activity (unless pre-arranged with the Accounts Department).
  5. Parents may authorise a leave of absence during term time for students to attend family events from time to time. In order for the enrolment to remain current for the return of the student at the end of the period of withdrawal, full fees will remain payable during the period of absence if the duration is less than 5 weeks
    1. If the duration of the absence is more than 5 weeks, and the student continues to receive ongoing support from staff via Canvas, a 50% reduction in fees will apply.
    2. If the duration of the absence is more than 5 weeks and the student does not receive ongoing support from staff via Canvas, an 80% reduction in fees will apply with parents/caregivers paying a 20% enrolment holding fee for the period of leave.
  6. Other than using the FACTS Management payment plan, payment of fees may be made by cash, credit card, or any other method of payment in agreement between the parties to the Enrolment Contract and the School.
  7. The parties to the Enrolment Contract agree to notify the School immediately should there be a change in circumstances which will affect their ability to fulfil their financial obligations to the School.
  8. In the event of the fees and charges not being paid, notice may be given that the student will be suspended from School, or the School may withhold provision of services until such time as all fees and charges, and any arrears, are paid. Continual non-payment may jeopardise the child’s place at the School. Decisions regarding this will be made at the discretion of the Board.
  9. If the account is passed to debt collectors, any debt collector’s expenses or court costs incurred, or to be incurred, are also payable by the parent/caregiver. If legal action is taken to enforce the recovery of monies owed, this action will be taken out under the jurisdiction of a court in the State of South Australia.
  10. Any bank fees or charges incurred by the School for cheque dishonour, rejection of direct debit or credit card payments or any similar fees charged by a bank or financial institution upon rejection of a payment will be charged to the account of the parent/caregiver.
  11. The School is entitled to perform any necessary enquiries, investigations and assessments to ensure the accuracy of the information provided to the School, and further, that such information, as verified, may be used by the School or any authorised agent of the School for the purpose of establishing or managing an account or the recovery of any outstanding account balance.


  1. At its sole discretion, the School reserves the right to suspend a student temporarily, or permanently, for disciplinary purposes resulting from any breach of School policy, without refund of fees for the current term of enrolment.
  2. The School shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential loss or damage, arising from the School exercising their rights under this agreement.
  3. The parties to the Enrolment Contract may cancel the enrolment of the student prior to commencement. Please note the Enrolment Fee is non-refundable in these circumstances.
  4. The parties to the Enrolment Contract may cancel the enrolment of the student by giving the School one term’s written notice in advance.
  5. Any refunds due and payable will be made to the parties as per the Enrolment Contract for the payment of the School Fees.


  1. The School assumes no responsibility for changes in State or Commonwealth legislation which may affect this agreement.
  2. The School reserves the right to review these terms and conditions at any time, and publish the changes on the School website.
  3. If any terms or conditions contained in this document are found to be unenforceable for reasons of validity or legality, the remaining provisions shall not be affected in any way whatsoever.
  4. The School must be provided with copies stamped with the Seal of the Court in relation to any Parenting Orders, Intervention Orders, and/or Court Orders for guardianship, custody, residence, parental responsibility, care, control, welfare and/or otherwise relevant to education. These are treated in the strictest confidence by the School (as per the School’s Privacy Policy).


The highest calling of every human being is to love God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength and to actively live a life intent on pleasing God and worthy of the sacrifice of Jesus, through the grace that has been given to all who believe. Horizon Christian School is committed to being a place where God is at the centre – where He is honoured, followed, worshipped and revealed to the School and wider community. We trust that all who come to Horizon Christian School will be inspired by His great love for them and the recognition that every person is intrinsically valuable, not for what they can do, but because of who they are, created in His image. We are passionate about our schools continuing to be places where students who respond to the Gospel are strengthened and emboldened to live out the gospel and become ambassadors for Christ to positively impact the wider community around them, whether locally or internationally.
At school, students experience regular Assemblies, Easter/Christmas services, pastoral care and biblical studies programmes, and are encouraged to have an ongoing relationship with a local church. We are also passionate that those who do not know God, both students and their parents, have an opportunity to meet Him by hearing the Gospel at Horizon Christian School and become followers of Christ. Being intentionally Christian also means that we are called to ‘love our neighbour”.
Psalm 139:14 states that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”. At Horizon Christian School this means that every person is intrinsically valuable because we are all made in the image of God. It is our desire that every student has the opportunity to be welcomed into a safe, loving school environment, but also that students or families do not promote or encourage views that are in opposition to our Christian beliefs and values.
Horizon Christian School was formed specifically for the education of students in an intentionally Christian environment where Christian beliefs are supported at School. Horizon Christian School deliberately provides an environment where all students will be actively encouraged to consider the Christian faith irrespective of their religious background. This shall include student attendance at, and participation in assemblies, prayer services, worship times, class devotions, Religion and Biblical Studies, prayer time and other such activities where the Christian faith is practised and discussed.
The School does not preclude people based on their religious background. However, the School does not provide an environment where people of other doctrines, faiths and religions may practise their faith. Therefore, it is expected that all behaviours, actions and practices must be respectful of this Christian environment, and not undermine, denigrate or be inconsistent with our Christian beliefs as expressed in the School’s Statement of Faith. It is expected that students, parents and other people in the School community associated with students, will be respectful of the views of those with beliefs other than their own. Importantly, the School fosters open and respectful discussion about different doctrines, faiths and religions in Home Groups, Biblical Studies and other educational forums.